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IronHorse – Natural Testosterone Booster. Immense Muscle Gain


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Experience our Power-Enhancing BodyBuilding Supplement – “IronHorse Testo-X5“. A Cutting-Edge formulation of Tribulus along with FIVE potent herbs to build Immense muscle mass and strength >Stimulates Muscle Mind connection >Anabolic Formula >Enhanced Performance >Insane Energy >Increased Strength & Stamina >Promotes Muscle Gain >Stimulate production of Testosterone >Rejuvenate Body & Mind.



IronHorse – Natural Testosterone Booster for Bodybuilder & Fitness Enthusiast
* Enhanced Performance
* Insane Energy
* Increased Strength & Stamina
* Promotes Muscle Gain
Our primary focus remains on using the best available raw materials which are 100% Natural and GMO-free, sourced meticulously from various parts of the world. By processing, optimizing and retaining the Bio-active potencies of our natural ingredients, we formulate and offer a premium range of therapeutic dietary supplements approved by FDA.
Body Chakra Balance Muscle Pump Sex Tonic Anti Stress

Balance Vatta, Pitta & Kapha


Muscle Gain


Boost Sex Drive


Anti Stress


Each container of IronHorse comes with 60 Dietary Supplements.
Each 800 mg Capsule contains:
Vidarikand Extract (Pueraria Tuberosa) – 150mg
Kaunch Beej Extract (Mucuna Pruriens) – 100mg
Shilajit Extract (Asphaltum) – 150mg
Safed Musli Extract (Chlorophytum Borivilianum) – 150mg
Ashwagandha Extract (Withania Somnifera) – 250mg

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30 Vegetarian Capsules – 15 Days Supply, 60 Vegetarian Capsules – 30 Days Supply