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100 grams of Amla contains about 700 milligram of vitamin C which is 30X the amount found in orange.

Amla (amalaki) in Sanskrit and commonly known as the Indian Gooseberry. Being the storehouse of Vitamin C it is the widely used herb in the Ayurveda medicines. Amla balances your three Doshas namely (Vayu, Pitta and Cough). It controls digestive disorders by promoting food absorption and balances the stomach acid. It cleanses your liver and removes toxins. Makes your hair stronger and prevents premature graying of hair and reduces dandruff.

It is considered as the best nourishment for eyes, it improves your eye-sight. Makes your heart stronger and builds a bullet-proof defense mechanism to fight infections naturally. A powerful antioxidant that protects the body against all types of cancer, fights against bacteria’s and virus. Provides an anabolism effect by raising body protein levels. Maintains blood pressure and provides rich dietary source of various minerals and amino acids.

Massaging head with amla oil induces sound sleep. It also helps improve intelligence and boost memory power. A wonderful antioxidant & Powerful anti-inflammatory to regulates blood sugar and lowers blood cholesterol.