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The primary reason why the dietary supplements of pure green coffee bean extracts have become popular is because of its weight loss properties. Green coffee beans has high amounts of chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant which increases metabolism. Green coffee increases your metabolism and breaks down the carbohydrate to energy before it is accumulated as fat. It controls the release of glucose in our food, burns calories and promotes weight-loss.

The unroasted beans has lesser amount of caffeine content as compared to the roasted form. The roasted coffee loses its important compounds during the process. It is always preferred to have pure green coffee. Green coffee bean is a proven anti-aging agent which fights off the signs of premature aging. Rich in antioxidants and free-radicals renews skin and makes you look younger.

Apart from its weight loss properties, it also helps people suffering from diabetes and high blood cholesterol. The blood sugar levels drops drastically because of the increased metabolic rate. This minimizes the risk of fat deposits and keeps your heart strong and healthy.