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Turmeric with its active component Curcumin has received worldwide recognition as a very beneficial compound, spice, herb, or medicine. It is rightfully called as the golden spice as it boosts immune system, fights infections, provides an overall health improvement and adds flavor to food and beverages.

It can be used in alternative medicine or as even an additional treatment protocol for chronic diseases as it is well tolerated, extremely beneficial and easily washes off the system or metabolized.

Formulations of turmeric:
1. Turmeric can be taken added to spices while cooking. Combining turmeric with black pepper, pipericin, further enhances its properties
2. Can be used as packs mixed with essential oils and milk for skin
3. It can be added to milk- Golden latte or Turmeric latte, that can be consumed once a day for its benefits
4. Also available as supplemental capsules, extracts and tinctures. It can be mixed with bromelain, an enzyme from pineapples that improves its absorption and elevates its effects.
5. It is also available in oil preparations which are volatile but can be used topically.

Things to remember while using turmeric:
1. Blood thinners- it should not be taken with aspirin and other blood thinners. The reason is unclear.
2. Stimulate contractions and initiate labor- Even though it has been seen that curcumin reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, but in pregnant women, it has been shown to cause harmful effects.
3. Increase stomach acidity- even though turmeric is good for digestion, but it can increase gastric acid secretion causing stomach irritation. It can also cause nausea and diarrhea.